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    Full Matrix SMC 2000

The SMC-2000 has become the industry benchmark for quality and performance in L.E.D. solar powered products.

The Full Matrix SMC-2000 is a portable, changeable L.E.D. message sign with optical assemblies in a continuous and fully configurable (Is that right?), or "Full Matrix," format. The Full Matrix format allows you to display text messages using characters up to 38" in height and even larger graphic symbols. The SMC-2000 is powered by batteries that are recharged by solar panels to provide long-lasting service on the roadway without producing harmful emissions.

Standard Features:

  • Industrial grade trailer provides years of dependable service
  • Sighting device assures proper directional alignment
  • Built-in 25 amp/120 volt battery charger
  • 360 message panel rotation
  • Calendar program for specific operational times
  • Moving and flashing arrow displays
  • Heavy duty surge brakes
  • Automatic intensity control

Optional Equipment:

  • Remote programming capability
  • Radar (microwave) speed monitoring
  • Custom colors
  • ITS compatibility

   Mini Message Board


  • Top Mounted Solar Panels - Designed to provide optimum charge capability to the batteries in both travel and display positions.
  • Solid State L.E.D. Display - Long lasting, energy efficient L.E.D. display provides crisp, clear characters with no moving parts and requiring no maintenance. L.E.D. intensity remains constant regardless of battery voltage fluctuation to assure legibility distant requirements are met at all times.
  • Heavy Duty Trailer - Designed to give you years of dependable service.
  • Solar Panel Array - With just 2-3 hours of sun, you'll receive one day of power.
  • Full Matrix Design - Allows you to display messages using text and/or graphic symbols.
  • 18 day autonomy - The battery bank provides 18 days of continuous operation with no sunlight.

             SMC 1000HE

  The SMC 1000HE is designed for low maintenance, ease-of-use, and reliability.

Patented Optical Assembly - The SMC 1000HE has a three line, eight character message board that uses a patented optical assembly to emit bright distinctive messages. Each character board uses a 5x7 pixel matrix that produces an 18"x 12" amber character (590 nanometers) that can be seen from more that 1000 feet away in any weather condition. Each 2" pixel is composed of 48 separate facets to create a fully illuminated image.

The SMC 1000HE automatically adjusts illumination intensity to accommodate any light conditions. The character board array is covered by a UV inhibited and impact resistant lexan shield to prevent fading and create the greatest transmission of light.

The SMC 1000HE displays up to six messages in sequence, with variable timing as low as _ second increments ?? computer control. The SMC 1000HE's message board is supported by a hydraulic telescoping support that enables it to be raised a maximum of seven feet and rotated 360 degrees. The sign also has locking mechanism to secure it during display and travel modes.

Standard Features:

  • Top solar panel mounting for maximum exposure to sun without shadows
  • 4 Leveling jacks for proper placement and stability
  • Heavy duty surge brakes
  • Sighting device to assure proper directional alignment
  • 360 message panel rotation with hand brake
  • Easily accessible message panel
  • UV inhibited clear lexan panel
  • Built-in 115VAC battery charger
  • 12 volt non-hazardous operation
  • 115VAC operation capacity
  • Efficient long life L.E.D. lamps - 10+ years average operational life
  • Separate passwords for operation and programming
  • Flashing message function
  • Expanded message storage capacity - 250 message capacity - 100 sequence capacity





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