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Speed Awareness

SAM Awareness Trailer

The Speed Awareness Monitor (SAM) is a cost-effective method for promoting safer roads through speed limit compliance. The large, 18" L.E.D. display is visible from 1000 feet. The SAM has a compact, see-through design and is easily towed to any location in need of speed monitoring. The SAM is well-suited for operation by law enforcement, neighborhood watch groups, and work zones.

Standard Features:

  • Fixed Speed Limit Sign with Changeable Digits
  • Motorized Actuator
  • Standard Striping and Police Lettering
  • Heavy Duty, Rustproof Steel Trailer
  • Large L.E.D. lamp matrix display with 18" Characters (visible from 1000 feet)
  • Actuated display rack
  • Retractable/Removable tongue
  • Top mounted solar panel (recharges a day's worth of battery use with only 2.5 hours of sunlight)
  • Stabilizing/Leveling jacks
  • One 4D deep cycle battery (provides over 20 days autonomy)
  • Large battery and storage box (lockable)
  • Large battery and storage box
  • 25A Battery charger

  Traffic Monitor Speed Awareness Display

The Traffic Monitor Speed Awareness Display has been designed to assist you in the promotion of speed limit compliance and traffic safety. Approaching motorists see their speed displayed on 18" characters. Once motorists are aware of speed monitoring, average speeds decline and a safer traffic environment exists. The Traffic Monitor integrates a clear L.E.D. (Light emitting Diode) lamp matrix display with a radar head. It is enclosed in a rugged 34"x 34"x 11" cabinet formed from 1/8" thick aluminum. The display and radar head are mounted behind a UV resistant polycarbonate window, providing the best combination of visibility and protection from the elements. Its compact packaging is ideal in either permanent or temporary applications.

The system is powered by 110-volt AC grid power. A 12-volt DC power source option allows for integration into a battery and/or solar recharged system. Proven components work in unison to provide years of reliable service. The Traffic Monitor combines state-of-the-art technology with simple installation at an affordable price.


  • High-to-low speed transitions
  • Sharp curves
  • Freeway to Freeway direct connectors
  • Highway cloverleaf connectors
  • School zones
  • Work zones
  • Racetracks/Motor Speedways

The Traffic Monitor can be used in conjunction with any static sign(s) to meet the large variance of application needs.

Solar Mobile Traffic Monitor

The Solar Mobile Traffic Monitor is designed to facilitate speed limit compliance. Approaching motorists see their speed displayed on 18" characters. Once motorists are aware of speed monitoring, average speeds decline and a safer traffic environment exists.

The trailer-mounted, speed monitoring system incorporates L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) lamp matrix pixels covered by space-age optics to produce a bright, distinctive display. The unit is designed to provide long-lasting use, low operating costs with minimal service. The monitor also gathers and classifies pertinent vehicle data.


Trailer Specifications:

  • Trailer Height - Travel Position: 68"
  • Trailer Height - Display Position: 118"
  • Trailer Width - 65"
  • Trailer Length with Tongue Extended: 110"
  • Trailer Length with Tongue Retracted: 75"
  • Trailer Weight: 825 lbs.
  • Trailer Lights: 4 _" recessed
  • Main Frame: 3" x 3" x .120" high grade steel square tubing
  • Tongue: 3" x 3" x .180" high grade steel square tubing
  • Cabinet Material: .125 aluminum

Numerical Speed Panel:

  • Material and Thickness: .125 aluminum
  • Width: 34"
  • Height: 33"
  • Depth: 12"
  • Lexan Window Thickness: .1875"
  • Cabinet Temperature Delta: 20F
  • Support Frame: 1 _" x 1 _" x .125" high grade steel square 6063-T52 aluminum tubing

Fixed Sign Dimension (STD):

  • Speed Limit: 24" x 30"
  • "Your Speed": 7" x 40"
  • Material: .080 aluminum
  • Sheeting: engineer grade



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